All FIll 6 head Servo Auger Filler for Pharma

All FIll 6 head Servo Auger Filler for Pharma

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1 Used All-Fill 6 head inline automatic auger filler. Designed for fast, accurate, multi-position dispensing of powders. This machine was set up to fill from 10 grams to 250 grams of product. Speeds from 27 to 120 bottles per minute, depending on size of fill and product. Machine is constructed in Stainless Steel and comes with the following features:

·       Common fill drive;

·       Stainless Steel product hopper with quick disconnect;

·       Spring loaded funnel;

·       Hopper level control assembly;

·       Index cylinder assembly w/ all stainless steel round tips;

·       Dust nozzle assembly;

·       Multi-filler index assembly with scales and reject station;

·       6 each Allen Bradley Servo Motors;

·       Individually controlled augers;

·       Slow speed agitation assembly;

·       Wipotec Weigh cells, (6) SL1000/600 wash-down;

Specifications:  1000 g measuring range, 600 g maximum dead load, 0.002 g display value, IP 44 protection class, 316 stainless steel housing with wash-down mode IP65.

·       Vacuum manifold assembly;

·       5-1/2” centers;

·       5/16” thick lexan guarding with Schmersal safety sensors;

·       Motorized conveyor;

·       3 sets of change parts including bottle rails, holders and screw feeds;

·       Complete set of fill augers and funnels;

·       Includes manual, electric drawings, schematics.


NOTE: Machine was purchased new in 2013 for USD $500,000.


ManufacturerAll FIll 6 head Custom Auger Filler for Pharma
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