$21,000 (USD)

Packwest Auto 120 6 quill capper

Packwest Auto 120 Capper Packwest Auto 120 Capper with 6 quill cap tightening. Model Auto 120 , ...

$8,950 (USD)

Packwest Auto 80 4 quill cap torquer Auto 80

Pack West Auto 80 4 quill cap torquer. Stainless and Aluminum constructed C frame for roll up op...

$16,500 (USD)

Resina S-51 Capper

Resina S-51 large format Chuck capper last set for 70 and 89mm jars Serial number 94-7228 Left ...

$14,500 (USD)

Ideal Pak 5 gal pail overlidder with compression unit and roller conveyor

Ideal Mfr 5 gallon automatic pail overlidder with roller closer and roller conveyor. Model ALP-5...

$8,500 (USD)

Kaps All Model A retorquer

Kaps All Model A retorquer Serial number 2738 Automatic cap retorquer - 6 quill with thru conve...

$19,500 (USD)

Kaps All Model A capper

Kaps All Model A capper serial number 2649 Automatic quill capper with 6 quill cap tightening ....

$9,950 (USD)

Kaps All model B over capper

Kaps All Model B over capper serial number 3175 rotary bowl unscrambler to adjustable chute and...

$7,250 (USD)

Surekap SK 600 cap tightener/ retorquer

Surekap Sk600 cap tightener / retorquer serial number NY0714 6 quill cap tightener with adjusta...

$5,500 (USD)

ELF 6 spindle cap retorquer

Elf 6 spindle cap retorquer Model ACT 600 Serial number 880519 6 spindle cap torquer on C fram...

$7,500 (USD)

Pharma Pak 6 quill cap tightener

Pharmapak 6 quill cap tightener. C frame design for roll up usage, 6 quill tightening on Stainl...

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CVC 1 model 1205 cap tightener

CVC model 1205 Cap tightener . C frame design and 8 quill tightening . Single gripper belt conta...

$21,000 (USD)

Packwest Auto 200 Capper - 8 quill Auto 200

Pack-West Auto 200 8spindle capper , s/n C8CrLR0282, C frame designed capper with Stainless fram...