About Us

Since 1991, SaveOnEquipment / T&T Machinery has been a market maker in packaging and process machinery. 

Our core competency is in the Life Cycle of machinery and production plants: from Best Fit for operations, efficiency, and easy of use for plant personnel. 

We have focused our business on helping our customers find solutions to their manufacturing needs, and treating their budget like it is ours.

In the 25+ years that we have been in in the machinery industry, our core business has been buying, rebuilding, and resale of used machinery: Essential solutions for manufacturing for manufacturing . We also have an extensive background in market trends, having developed and implemented:

  • Investment Recovery Programs for both customers and online Marketplace vendors.

  • Online Marketplaces for machinery resale

  • Online directory site for vendors to reach customers with their services, and parts

With this unique background we can offer perspective, and real market experience in helping with your equipment needs. Our motto : “Don’t be a Fool… Buy Right!” is inspired by our commitment to the customer, with customer needs coming first.

Our Services:

  • Consulting – line layout, machinery selection, best method of production.

  • Appraisals – valuation of your equipment from a reseller’s perspective.

  • Investment recovery – resale of your surplus equipment and determination of fair market values – thru Market Based Appraisals: Best Method of Sale® to get highest recoverable value.

  • Auctions and Liquidations – negotiated sale and/or auction services, including set up and salvage operations.

There is still a place in this industry for providing honest advice, quality machinery, and prompt service to the customer. Many consider this “Old School” – but we are not changing, and will adapt to your needs. With this in mind, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to solve your equipment needs.

Don't be a Fool…Buy Right!