Salvage Operations

  • Demolition

  • Removals

  • Scrapping and remuneration

Following most investment recovery operations, the next consideration is what to do with what is left after redeployment of assets,sale, or consignment. Many times a lot of valuable assets are leftover and the plant needs to be clean swept and left in safe condition for real estate sale or turnover to owner. This is where the next steps are to be considered as it takes man hours, logistics, and planning to finish within budget or to turn a profit.

Demolition: Qualified removal and scrappers with insurance are a must. Consideration needs to made for work rules, local codes, EPA, and resources available where the facility is. All left overs have to be identified for scrap, resale, and landfill or waste removal.

Removals: What leftover has value? Electrical, machine controls, metal or saleable components all have to be considered for best return for work hours put in and requirements of condition premises are to be left. Many times Electrical, controls, or even machine parts and components are left or don’t sell – these may still have future value.

Remuneration: how is the Leftovers and scrap monetized. Many times metal values are determined by size and quality and type of recoverable, is it cost effective to separate metals and electrical components or is bulk metal/material. Are other leftovers of value- electrical, materials, architectural component and decorations? These need to be analyzed and monetized according to contract, premises conditions, and most importantly time/value to be recovered

We have done these operations as part of Investment Recovery initiatives : plant shutdowns, auctions and liquidation of surplus. In many cases it makes sense to bring in a second opinion and outside contractors as opposed to tying up valuable plant assets and people. What is good advice worth?

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