$56,000 (USD)

Fillrite Simpl-FIL inline filler

SIMPL-FIL is the new way to fill liquids to viscous products New style U channel Stainless Frame...

$16,750 (USD)

Accutek 50-BOA bulk bottle unscrambler

Accutek 50-BAO-OOO bulk bottle unscrambler serial number A-17LO6- 0126 50" bulk bottle unscramb...

$35,000 (USD)

IWK TFS 10 Tube filler hot air

IWK TFS 10 Tube filler last set for 2oz tubes . Model TFS-10 , serial number : 31/369278 Max. o...

$20,500 (USD)

LABEL SYSTEMS Pressure Sensitive Labeler - Front and Back

Label Systems Front and Back Labeler set for Large Containers . 12" unwind and Stripper Plates, ...

$22,500 (USD)

Accutek- American Packaging Sleeve Labeler / Bundler

Accutek Sleeve Labeler / American Systems - St George UT Body Shrink Labeler- Body bundler Last ...

$55,000 (USD)

Day 260 cuft Ribbon Blender SS

Day 260 cuft Ribbon blender Trough :60’’ x 123’’ x 68’’ deep 60 hp main drive with gearhead red...

$21,000 (USD)

Packwest Auto 120 6 quill capper

Packwest Auto 120 Capper Packwest Auto 120 Capper with 6 quill cap tightening. Model Auto 120 , ...

$8,950 (USD)

Packwest Auto 80 4 quill cap torquer Auto 80

Pack West Auto 80 4 quill cap torquer. Stainless and Aluminum constructed C frame for roll up op...

$25,000 (USD)

Doboy Stratus wrapper

Doboy/ Bosch Stratus wrapper recently removed from service. Serial number : 98-20471 Standard F...

$16,500 (USD)

Resina S-51 Capper

Resina S-51 large format Chuck capper last set for 70 and 89mm jars Serial number 94-7228 Left ...

$175,000 Spooky GOOD Deals Special

Gerteis 3W Polygran Roller Compactor SS

Gerteis 3W Polygran roller compactor for pharmaceutical use Type 250/5/3. Serial number 1054 -...

$3,950 (USD)

3M-Matic Case Sealer 800r3 With AccuGlide 3 Taping Head Random Taper

3M-Matic Case Sealer 800r3 With AccuGlide 3 Taping Head is a random size case sealer that automat...