$18,000 (USD)

Inline Filling Systems - inline 12 spout pressure gravity filler with conveyor

INLINE FILLING SYSTEMS 12 SPOUT AUTOMATIC PRESSURE FILLER -recently removed from service in pharm...

$55,000 (USD)

MRM 8 piston filler rotary w liter pistons

MRM 8 piston filler rotary w liter pistons Model RPF-8 rotary filler with liter sized pistons. R...

$185 (USD)

Roberts 1500 Poucher with bag maker and magazine feed for premade bags 1500

Roberts 1500 series Pouching machine with with 2 magazines for either premade pouches or for roll...

$165,000 (USD)

ARPAC PC 2000 Wrap case packer 2017 mfr from SaveonEquipment.com

ARPAC PC 2000 case packer recently removed from operation . Last running 12 pack of Mouthwash fo...

$16,500 (USD)

Whallon Magnetic Palletizer/Depalletizer

Whallon Magnetic Palletizer / Depalletizer with Accumulation table / Single filer . Last run as ...

$72,500 (USD)

Autoprod FPS 2x6 cup filler 75mm

Autoprod FPS 2x6 serial number 1855 2x6 cup filler set for 75mm juice cups. Dual lane 6 up cup f...

$24,000 (USD)

CVC 302 HAWK HI-Speed pressure sensitive labeler for round bottles

CVC Model 320 Wrap pressure sensitive labeler for round bottles. Includes SICK eye system for ver...

$17,500 (USD)

20 cuft Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender SS 20

Patterson Kelley 20 cuft Twin Shell blender with Stainless shell and contact parts. Serial Numbe...

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LSI model 1500 wrap pressure sensitive labeler

LSI model 1500 wrap pressure sensitive labeling system. Model 1500 serial number 14-0757 4 1/2 ...

$74,000 (USD)

Bartelt IM - 9 Poucher IM-9

Bartelt IM-9 poucher currenlty in operation at customer location . Unit being removed for higher...

$14,500 (USD)

Ideal Pak 5 gal pail overlidder with compression unit and roller conveyor

Ideal Mfr 5 gallon automatic pail overlidder with roller closer and roller conveyor. Model ALP-5...