Stokes D-3 Tablet Press 16 station


Stokes D-3 Tablet Press 16 station

$14,500 (USD)

Available quantity: 1


1 Used Stokes D3-16 Station Rotary Tablet Press,

Model 514-1. 

Serial #: T-40070.

 Can produce tablets up to 15/16” diameter x 13/16” deep at 190 to 350 tablets per minute, (11,400 to 21,000 per hour).

 Maximum pressure: 7 tons. 

Comes with keyed upper punch guides, stainless steel product hopper, feed frame, guarding and sits on a stainless steel base.

Stripped and treated frame .

 Was recently removed from a large pharmaceutical facility and is available for immediate delivery.


ManufacturerStokes D-3 Tablet Press 16 station
Stock Number33637