New Model XZ-4 Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Filling and Capping Machine

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New Model XZ-4 Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Filling and Capping Machine

With Take-Away-Conveyor - Length 1700mm, Left height 650mm, right height adjustable 900-1000mm

Selling Price: with Limited Warranty…$54,880 USD (*Plus Shipping & Customs to USA) Delivery

Time: approx. 12 weeks from receipt of 65% deposit. (balance prior to shipment from factory) *Note Timeline: Starts after receiving deposit and pouches/caps samples approx. 300-500pcs

Features: (4 head filling + 4 head capping)

1) PLC Touch Screen Controls

2) Adopting a rodless cylinder imported from Germany, the automatic bag feeding position is precise and does not damage the bag mouth.

3) Maximum filling capacity: 500ml maximum, using a leak proof nozzle and is easy to adjust.

4) 1 filling unit & 4 nozzles in the machine, ≥ 3500 bags/hour (calculated based on 500ml bags)

5) There are two emergency stop buttons to ensure production safety.

6) Fiber optic detector: no bag or filling, no cover shutdown alarm.

7) Organic dustproof sealing cover, door opening shutdown, safe operation.

8) One click boot operating system for real-time monitoring.

9) Any production operation fault will be automatically displayed on the touch screen.

10) Mechanical design, continuous, stable operation, not affected by air pressure, with low failure rate. 11) Adopts a magnetic capping system, with adjustable torque & guaranteed capping requirements. 12) Filling system can be removed from the tank for cleaning, ensuring complete food hygiene. 13) The exhaust filling system has applied for national patent protection; 14) The new filling sealing system ensures higher filling progress and eliminates the need for frequent replacement of sealing rings.


ManufacturerNew Model XZ-4 Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Filling and Capping Machine
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